Nov 8, 2008


Donovan Radhay said...

Hi Ogi, you seem like you're a huge fan of X-men. My fav is definatly spiderman! spiderman 2, best marvel film so far. Iron man a close second.

Just curious, are you still working at neezo?... Its definatly the no.1 place I want to work because it is literally 5 mins from where I live im like bristol and hurontario and i know where watline is. I sent them a resume and a link to my blog, Im gonna do a second follow-up soon as well.. let me know if possible you could refer me. I would more than appreciate anything you can help out with.. Even with some advice as to applying for jobs. Thanks again man!! Heres my number 416 671 7649, call me anytime!


Abbey said...

Great Blog Ogi! You've got some awesome work here ^_^

Farrukh Khan said...

hey nice man