May 8, 2010

Thor, the Mighty

The mighty god of thunder.

When I started sketching and roughly painting this one, I wanted to focus on the great power that Thor posesses, and 70% into it, (the outside source) told me to have the focus on the characters face, so that threw the whole thing in the wrong gear and the transmission broke. I totally agree that the focus point should've been the face, but, I am young with much to learn still.

The end result is still a puzzling one so I will continue on to the Hulk and come back to this one sometime down the road.

On a side note, I will be making an appearance at the Toronto Fan Expo this August, so I have been sketching a lot the good old way; pencil on paper. I want to gain more confidence away from the Ctrl+Z so I can perform well on the spot. And 'till that time, there will be many sketch dumps in the coming weeks...

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