Jun 25, 2011


A civilization has ruined its homeworld making it impossible to survive in the open, and slowly, the more wealthy families have moved to the space. I tried to capture one of these "Trump Towers" that is being overflown with life, hence the expansion in the bottom of the structure. 

Drawing this was completely different than what I am used to; the human body. I spent a lot of time tweaking colors, shapes, amount of stars. Having the original file 5000 pixels wide can suck in a person on pointless detail.  It's easy to see if a human is drawn and colored correctly, maybe because I draw that most of the time, or maybe because I see people everyday. This however was like an abstract painting to me. I just could not settle on a color, many combinations looked nice, but none hit the home run. I am not all that satisfied with the final result, but I will do more environment concepts to hopefully get more comfortable with this black hole in my portfolio.

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