Oct 12, 2012

Polara part 1: Animation

This week marks the release of POLARA, a sophomore release from HOPE THIS WORKS GAMES inc. for the iOS and Android platforms.

It is a freerunning platformer that I had the pleasure of working on, lending my talents in two areas of the game; in-game animations and cutscene illustrations.

For the animation part of the game, I was entrusted with creating all actions for the main character; these included a run cycle (some of the frames seen above), various types of jumps, and transitional animations between cycles and poses.

Instead of me uploading a demo reel for this game like I did for the "Legends of Troy" post, I've uploaded a trailer video (below) to get a better sense of the game, which might I add unbiasly, is unbelievably fun!

If you don't trust me :) read any review of the game, they are ALL very positive!
POLARA is now available on iOS and Android

...post continued on PART 2: Cutscene Illustrations

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