Dec 20, 2012


This design is 2 years overdue... Her name is Lyssa, and she is one of the boss characters from "Warriors: Legends of Troy". This is one of the images that made it into the actual game, out of many attempts to finalize her appearance. This particular drawing dates back to around spring 2009.
Funny storiy about the design process: Lyssa is the goddess of madness, so when I was designing her, I kept on drawing her body as very skinny and dried up, borderline dead flesh. Eventually a decision was made to have her be completely black as she is a nightmare in physical form. So i drew this image as a 3/4 view that went along with the model sheets I also made, and I really emphasised her beaing "dried up dead" :) So the model sheets and this image get sent off to the 3D department and a few weeks voila, my art director sends me the 3D model to look over... and i couldnt help but... smile. The dried up dead look was certainly there, well on most of her body. One thing that was different from my model sheets; Lyssa made a quick stop at the plastic surgeon's, and got a 5 cup size increase :)

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