Feb 4, 2013

Marvel Mix 4

Another 3 redesigns. First up, Spider-Man. New thing I came up with was the 8 lenses on the mask, for obvious spider reasons. I thought that people wouldn't like it much, but I've already had this posted on Tumblr and DeviantArt, and the response has been amazing; seems like everyone likes the idea! Also I gave him Vibram shoes as I thought they would suit his agile personality. Next up, Phoenix. Nothing too fancy or clever here, just the bird logo is a bit 'interactive' with her physique. And last, Doctor Octopus. I was a bit cruel with his design, but I thought that he could've gone through some acident leaving him amputated, which drives him crazy, and because of that he builds the 4 tentacles.

I might take a break from Marvel, and do the same thing for DC characters. Anyone got a preferance? Suggestions? Joke of the day?

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