Jul 27, 2013

DC remix: Wonder Woman

First of many DC redesigns to come, the leading lady, the Amazon goddess, Wonder Woman.

I really love design, as you can tell by my site being filled with mostly concept art and not that many fancy illustrations. Enough people ask what my thought process is behind some of my designs, so here is what went through my head with this one...
Personally, I really dislike her costume. First off, I was going to go with a 3 color scheme instead of the original 4 (red, blue, white, and gold). I thought having the white with all the rest was unnecessarily too much, so it got the boot. Another element that had to go was the diaper with all the white stars, too busy, too distracting, it gets the boot. However, those stars are a part of the character, so I still had to sneak them in somehow, so I put in a subtle chain around her waist made up of stars, as well as the 2 large stars on her shoulders, kind of giving her a general/commander status since she is one of the main DC characters. So instead of a hooker-ish outfit, I gave her a fully clothed suit, minus the breastplate. The golden chestpiece is another one of her signatures so I kept it. Throughout the whole suit, there are slight hints of "W" elements, instead of having the cliché superhero logo on the chest. The bracelets got a size increase and a slight Greek design to it, since they were gifts from the Greek myth gods.
And yes, she fights crime in heels. Not all elements have to make sense, she has to look good as well... Besides... she can fly :)

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