Feb 2, 2014

DC remix: Aquaman

My version of Aquaman is very disconnected from the land. He spends most of his time under water in his kingdom of Atlantis, so that is why he has very pale skin.
He had his hand chopped off, so since he has the ability to control water, he has a liquid fist on himself now that he can telepathically mold into anything, as well as change the density of it.
Overall, no more pretty boy looks, instead, he has the "don't test me" appearance.


EndlessTime22 said...

Thats a good remix of aquaman. I liked your Batman Remix. His mask and eyes done it for me. Id like to see The Flash if youre still doing these remixes

EndlessTime22 said...

Would you consider doing TV series art?. Like "The Walking Dead " or "Game Of Thrones " or "Doctor Who " "Adventure Time " even ...
Whether its a remix of a character or whatever.
Im sure it would look great. It would be hard to do the first three i said. Mainly just because they arent anime or cartoon.

Ogi Grujic said...

Flash is almost done as well ;)

If I was to redesign a tv live action show, I would do make it into a really stylized cartoon, because redrawing them into another live action look would be very limited i think considering their outfits