Nov 8, 2014

Web of Ly's

I was approached by Mr. Lawdon to illustrate the cover for his sci-fi novel; Web of Ly's.

Without any prior visual forms to his characters, it was my duty to bring them to life as Mr. Lawdon visioned them himself, and having rich material to begin with, it was my pleasure.

"When the young alien, Ly Myktass, discovers what his aunt’s company is really manufacturing, Ly knows he’s the only one who can stop her. What he doesn’t know is she’s backed by the most powerful man in the galaxy who will stop at nothing to silence Ly and gain control of every civilized planet.   
After fleeing an attempt on his life, Ly becomes an outlaw on his home planet, gets kidnapped by pirates, escapes, crash-lands in a poisonous marsh, is recruited into a rebellion, gets blamed for a hotel bombing, and is chased half way across hyperspace. And we haven't even gotten to the sohnagrabs! 

Can Ly clear his name? Will he return home in time to stop his aunt and save the galaxy? Will he even survive long enough to try?" 

Web of Ly's is currently available for purchase on

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