Mar 21, 2010

Dr. Hush

RR mission #6 - Space Pirate

Drew this sketch about a month ago, ended up liking the overall attitude and design so I decided to fully render this and see how it unfolds.

I call him Dr. Hush

As with the whole design, I kept in mind the typical pirate characteristics (eyepatch, hook, wooden leg...) and redesigned it with the high tech accessories. So the eyepatch became a scope type thing, hook a more useful arm and so on.

The process (shown below) was not the typical way I usually paint. This method was a bit inefficient but in the end it still came far as my eye can see.

...that's all for now, hopefully the next post will be slightly more.... "Marvel-ish" ;)

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Anonymous said...

i love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edyta