Apr 12, 2010

A few rejected cover ideas:
I will post the better ones in the upcoming months, fully painted: Hulk and Thor
I also like the Iron Man #2...might do that one if I have the time.


Woocifer said...

Try to add a little more dynamic movement, or maybe approach it from a different viewpoint... instead of the Hulk standing there doing a WTF? pose, maybe try to incorporate lightning and different angles to the content. The 3rd one down with Iron Man is far more interesting than the other 3.

Ogi Grujic said...

right on! the sketches that didnt get rejected fit your very suggestions...stay tuned ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog accidentally - and WOW. Love your animation, artwork and modelling. Fantastic job. The eyeball (with tongue) character is really excellent!


Ogi Grujic said...

Thanks for the kind words Lily!