Feb 28, 2011

Megaman, and Rush

Here is my take on the Blue Bomber and his sidekick Rush.

I wanted to draw something for Udon's Megaman Tribute art book but wanted to do something different than the standard entries. I chose to redesign the two characters into something less cartoony since the book will be overpopulated with the original style.

So my original plan of attack was to make Megaman a futuristic police officer, and Rush would be less of a robotic dog, and more like those bomb diffusing or scouting units. Since the original Rush was completely pink/red, I had to keep a bit of that in my design, but majority of the plates I kept just metal looking. If I kept the whole thing pink, it would've looked bad and would've clashed standing beside Megaman.

As for the hero himself, I had to keep all the colours. 

I decided that the light blue will be flexible material that gives the character extra strength, since it replicates the muscles of the human body. The dark blue is shielding so I kept those shapes rigid looking, and added a bot of camo design over top to avoid it looking bland. The little gray parts are carbon fiber just so he doesn't look like a blueberry :) For the overall presentation, I was thinking a futuristic ad for the model, nothing too complicated.

In the end my piece wasn't picked for the book, but I still don't regret drawing this 'till 2am before the day it was due (I found out late about the contest). It was a fun exercise for me, and I am pleased with the result!

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