Mar 9, 2011

Warriors: Legends of Troy

This week marks the release of Warriors: Legends of Troy, the video game that I've been involved with from the beginning of the project. I thought this would be a good time to share what exactly was my role in this journey.

At first I was involved with concept art. This included brainstorming character designs, environments, and overall style. One of the images I was asked to do was supposed to sum up all aspects of the game; one soldier vs many, brutal war, and gritty visuals. And this is the image I came up with:

Few months after that task, my manager came over to tell me that this image was released online with the announcement of the game. At that time it was the only visual revealed so I felt a bit proud. Shortly after More concept work was released in Famitsu (Japanese video game magazine), and, and these included character concept art. Three of those images were done by me. They were the final design for Griffin (left), Cyclops (middle), and Erinyes (the head was designed by Andrius M.)

In the end, I had over 300 concepts drawn for this game, and the experience boosted my drawing abilities immensely. By the time all these were done, game models were made, and I stepped over to the animation department. This was a rare opportunity because I got to animate characters that I designed, and it felt good to see them in 3D. Since the game is out, the team got permission to make demo reel of our animations with any content we worked on, so here is a small fraction of the animations I have done:

So as my closing statement, it was tremendous experience for me to see the development of a AAA title from start to finish. Along for the ride were a bunch of great artist that inspired me and helped me evolve. Huge thank you goes out to

Duy Nguyen, Michael Carnovale, Brian Paquette, Ryan Bailey, Jacob Lickers, Louise Kim,  Dennis Dunn, Aaron Mclean, Craig D. Adams, Sungjune Kim, Nick Papadopoulos, Takayuki Minato, Chul Jang, Inga Mazetyte, Koei Baltija studio, and my 2 supervisors, Takahiro Sakuma (animation) and Toshiyuki Takeyasu (CG manager/art director)

...And all this sums up to:


Cristian Camaroschi said...

Brilliant drawings man! Love them, nice concepts and very nice heroic battle scene in the 1st illustration. AWESOME JOB!!!

Brynn Metheney said...

Congratulations Ogi! Wonderful work and demo reel! Can't wait to see what you work on next! :D

Dave Melvin said...

Way to go Ogi, game looks brutal, and your artwork is the best I've seen from you. Congrats all around!

Jasminka Klacar said...

Congratulations Ogi! Sve cestitke Ogi izuzetano je, odusevljena sam!Samo nastavi tako.

Patrick Leyendecker said...

very impressive

Victor Sancassani said...

Hi, Ogi. Awesome concepts. Loved it and the game. It was you who made the concept for Achilles too? Who was?


Ogi Grujic said...

Thanks Victor,

The final Achilles concept was done by the super talented Darius Zablockis. He developed the human characters, I was the "monster guy".