Apr 13, 2011


Did this one quickly today for a CGhub.com Anatomicae challenge entitled "Epic Sword". About one hour later Skullhead was born. I call it that because I tried to design the whole thing around the skull. I was doodling out quick thumbnails and that idea came out of the mess. 

The tiny gem in the top left is the pupil, sitting in the eye socket with a little eyebrow (hand guard) above it, right one is missing because the hand holds the hilt from that
side. Two holes are nostrils and the two long blades are top two front teeth.

The smaller image was my start. Silhouette painted on one layer with a flat gray, and a emboss effect  applied for quick visualization of the approximate 3D shape


Duy said...

Nice concept. If the Punisher was teleported to medieval times, he'd rock this blade.

Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Awesome work Ogi! Nice to meet you in person. Congrats on your new gig :)